Intuitive Guidance and
Transformational Solutions for Women

For Women Feeling Lost in a Spiritual Awakening

Source Alignment Program 

What: Transform into an intuitively connected woman with personalized intuitive guidance from me using my signature method.


  • For women who are struggling through a spiritual awakening and/or
  • For women who want to develop their intuition to navigate life (money, relationships, health) in a soul-aligned way and/or
  • For women who want self-confidence, clarity, and self-love by connecting to their inner being.

How: Online Zoom, one-on-one sessions

When: Once a week OR once every two weeks (depending on your financing)

Length of Course: 8 sessions

This course is for you if:

  1. You are able to be open to receiving my guidance and
  2. You can make a personal commitment to yourself (because you deserve it!)

Your course will be personalized with my intuitive guidance. I use my own psychic intuitive power to assess what you need and tailor the course to your needs. You and I work in partnership to help you achieve clarity in your spiritual awakening. I also use my psychic abilities to tap into your energy. I can access your Akashic Records and channel messages from your higher self. 

There are three signature pillars that we follow in this course: Identify, Connect, Empower. We will have 8 one-on-one online sessions together. 

The process is unique and effective in order to get you where you want to be.

Identify: We identify your goals, beliefs, and blockages. We also identify what you already know about energy and intuition so that I can teach you more.

Connect: Through meditation, intuitive exercises, blockage clearing, transformation of old beliefs, journaling and more, you will have learned many tools and techniques to connect you to your higher self. In this space, there is unconditional love. 

Empower: I help you nurture your connection and develop a ritual of your own.

By the end of the course, you will: 

  • Understand more about who you truly are at the core
  • Understand how to use your emotions as a roadmap to life
  • Understand how to see signs and symbols from spirit
  • Be able to meditate effectively
  • Connect to your high self
  • Gain self-confidence to make decisions that are best for you
  • Gain clarity in your spiritual awakening and life
  • Feel love for yourself
  • Obtain inner peace
  • Develop your intuition
  • Gain new perspective
  • Be able to manage stress effectively
  • Understand how to access answers from within
  • Have the tools necessary to achieve your personal goals
From one magical woman to another, it's time to tap in to YOUR divine power!