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May Rosenlund, Intuitive Guide and Published Author


My name is May. I provide intuitive guidance and empowerment for women.

I am a published author (Josie Barrett) & former attorney. I help women who crave clarity in their spiritual journey to identify and clear energetic blockages and transform old beliefs so they can step into their power and have a deeper connection with their higher self.

I'm also a homeschooling, Mom of two children, wife, a psychic intuitive, empath, meditation instructor Reiki master/energy healer, and tarot reader.

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Woman's Day Magazine

I was interviewed as an expert empath author in an article about empaths by Elizabeth Berry from Woman’s Day Magazine 

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Woman’s Day Magazine is “YOUR destination for celebration, helping you find the YAY in every day.”

What Being an Empath Means and How to Know if You Are One

It’s more than being “too sensitive.”


Not Crazy, Not Alone
A Documentary

Not Crazy, Not Alone,” is a documentary produced by A Place of Light Productions and David Kennedy. I was interviewed as an author and intuitive.

This documentary asks the question: What if mental health could be improved by understanding and developing a relationship with one’s intuition?

A Place of Light is located in Cherry Valley, Massachusetts. Its mission is to hold a space where people can find their unique connection to spirit.

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My Qualifications

♦ 9 years as a holistic intuitive Mom

♦ 2 years of homeschool teaching

♦ 3 years in human resources

♦ 15 years of training and leading diverse teams and individuals

♦ 8 years of intuitive practice and psychic development

♦ 5 years of meditation practice

Education & Certifications:

♦ Bachelor of Arts in History and English

♦ Juris Doctor (law)

♦  Energy Healer/Reiki Master in Kundalini and Celestine Reiki

♦  Meditation Instructor

Intuitive Abilities:

♦ Clairvoyant (clear seeing)

♦ Clairaudient 

♦ Claircognizent 

♦ Clairsentient 

♦ Clairempathy / Emotional Empath

♦ Mediumship